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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

07012013 my last post in melby

Posted by Charlotte at 12:15 AM
Well this blog has been abandoned for quite a while now.
and its not because of my busy schedule, im actually pretty free after exam except for the last 2 weeks.
i worked pretty hard! 5 days a week isnt fun and im not ready to work full time. 
somemore, i have to study while working full time this year in order to get registered in Singapore.
Speaking about registration, the biggest regretful event would be me not getting a registration in australia and i know this regretfulness would follow me till the end of my life. 
Seeing friend doing certify copies and statutory declaration, how cool is it? 
i was given a very good opportunity to make this dream comes true but due to my weakness and pressures,
i decided to head back hometown. 
as i know working in singapore wouldnt be better than here, but at least i get to see my family and friends.
This is my 1st time booking air ticket back to malysia without another return ticket to mel. how wonderful is that? but somehow, my feeling is quite complicated. i know i prefer to stay in malysia/sg but i just feel it is too wasteful for me to let this good opportunity go.
anyway, everything is kinda settled down. i should let go and start my new journey.

last but not least, thanks to those who have treated me a good a meal and the most important is someone got me the lovely pandora ..AWWW , i love you two ! gonna add more charms on my bracelet, feel free to contribute some =p

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