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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

07012013 my last post in melby

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Well this blog has been abandoned for quite a while now.
and its not because of my busy schedule, im actually pretty free after exam except for the last 2 weeks.
i worked pretty hard! 5 days a week isnt fun and im not ready to work full time. 
somemore, i have to study while working full time this year in order to get registered in Singapore.
Speaking about registration, the biggest regretful event would be me not getting a registration in australia and i know this regretfulness would follow me till the end of my life. 
Seeing friend doing certify copies and statutory declaration, how cool is it? 
i was given a very good opportunity to make this dream comes true but due to my weakness and pressures,
i decided to head back hometown. 
as i know working in singapore wouldnt be better than here, but at least i get to see my family and friends.
This is my 1st time booking air ticket back to malysia without another return ticket to mel. how wonderful is that? but somehow, my feeling is quite complicated. i know i prefer to stay in malysia/sg but i just feel it is too wasteful for me to let this good opportunity go.
anyway, everything is kinda settled down. i should let go and start my new journey.

last but not least, thanks to those who have treated me a good a meal and the most important is someone got me the lovely pandora ..AWWW , i love you two ! gonna add more charms on my bracelet, feel free to contribute some =p

Monday, October 22, 2012


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Tuesday, August 21, 2012


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it has been a while since I last update.
i had finally put a fullstop on pep, no more placement.
i can finally go back to my part time job. i need money so bad!
to be honest, im really happy to work in royal melborne hos.
perphaps i heard too many bad rumours and horror stories about it.
but from what ive experienced they are not true at all.
everyone in rmh was nice especially my 3sw pharmacist, kate.

Im supposed to hang out this weekend before uni starts but i didnt.
i spent my 2 days at home. sleeping, doing assignment and some thinkings.
the same question still floating on my head. to stay or not to stay.
spent some time for not doing anything, disconnect myself from everything including internet.
flash back how far am i now from where im from,
re- evaluating what i want, who i wanna be, how am i gonna make it,
life should be as colourful as the above balloons in the picture at this age.
spending 6 years in melborne definitely changed some of my personalities, way of thinking.
also, making me much stronger/ matured/ motivated than the little gal whom i used to be.
im not sure i can be like this if i was in malaysia.
so i came out with a conclusion, i would stay for my intern year 
and hopfelly i wont change my mind after the return from home in the end of sep.
there are a lot reasons for me to stay and leave.
but somehow, knowing how much efforts i have been putting in throughout the past 6 years.
it hasnt been easy for me. u'll know it if u c my face lol
im not a hardworking, smart person.
i need something to drive me. just like i would study during exams etc.
i hate studying. but i know i have no choice, i have to study so i study.
if there is no mark for it, i dont bother about it much .. just a litte maybe..
so i realized if i head back to sg, i might end up being the original me.
i would lost my way. 
sg might still be alright as it is quite competitive in hospitals but i dont want to work so hard.
dilemma !
anyway, i would and have decided to stay for next year. i have to!

Saturday, August 11, 2012


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Saturday, July 21, 2012

i love breakfast!

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I just realized waking up in the early morning for a nice breakie/ brunch feels sooooo good!
I feel like doing this every week so if anyones interested in having any nice breakie/bruch must let me know.
I am a big eater currently.
i eat a lot. Im terrified by myself. I can feel the difference in me.
why am I eating so much ! and the most important thing is i have a big stomach, sadly.
i can feel and see the stomach growing bigger and bigger.fml

uni starts next week and placement starts 2nd week and i dunnoe why we havent get the pep letter.
i need to know which hospital i will go for some reason.
i just hope i wont have to go to geelong and the best one for me would be royal melbourne hospital cuz i can save the transport fee.
arghhh my saving is dropping !! i realli have to control myself. or else i cant get my bag in end of sep ><

"与人相处难 到底是谁的问题呢
我觉得可能还是我自己吧 期待太多 于是总在初识就努力的释放自己的热情 可往往到最后自己精疲力尽也没落个好
果然问题还是在我这里 “人与人啊 要保持一段优雅的距离” 距离,懂嘛?"

again,exactly reflected what i felt.


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